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FCI Judge Request Form

Letter of Commitment AWDF FCI IPO / IPO-FH Championship Team
This letter of commitment with $250.00 deposit must be submitted to the AWDF Secretary within five days of notification of making the AWDF FCI IPO or FCI IPO-FH Championship Team.

FCI IPO-FH Team Declaration Form: 2020 Team Submission Teams must submit copies of FCI Registration, all pages in scorebook by December 15.

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Hosting Club Event Guide

AWDF Dog Handler Behavior Policy: Policy for behavior of dogs and handlers at the AWDF National Championship


AWDF ByLaws ammended January 16, 2019

Petition for Nomination: Board and Committee Members

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Club Membership Application

Club Sanction Policy 2017

How to Order a Scorebook:

  • HANDLERS: You must be a member of an AWDF breed or sport club and may order and purchase your scorebook from that AWDF member club. Please contact your club to place your order.
  • AWDF MEMBER CLUBS: Here is the link to the form:


AWDF AWD Trial Rules

IPO Standards for Rescue Dog Tests

FCI Regulations for the International Utility Dogs trials and the international Tracking Dogs trial

Rules of Mondioring Competition

Summary of Changes from the FCI Working Commission Meeting

Additional Notes from the FCI Working Commission Meeting March 2017


2014 AWDF Judging Policy

FCI Regulations for Mondioring Judges (valid as from 01/01/2018)