The IPO-FH world team will be the top passing finishers at the AWDF National FH Championships. In the event that AWDF does not hold a National FH championship or a full team cannot be filled from the AWDF Championship then the following point system will be used for the remaining teams.

Teams must submit copies of FCI Registration and all pages in scorebook by September 1 of the calendar year prior to the IPO-FH World Championships they are submitting for. Teams may use up to four (4) passing FH1, FH2 or IPO-FH titles earned in the previous 12 months (September 1 of the previous year to August 31). In the event there is a tie for total points (In the following point system) then the highest pass/fail ratio for ALL FH trials in the past 12 months will break the tie. In the event there is still a tie then it will go to total points (from trial scores) of the submitted trials (max 4). If still tied, the spot will go to youngest dog.


V -  4 Points V -  6 Points V -  8 Points
SG- 3 Points SG- 5 Points SG- 7 Points
G -  2 Points G -  4 Points G -  6 Points
S -  1 Points S -  3 Points S -  4 Points


All submissions need to be to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by September 15th.