Frank Phillips and Kliff vom Floyd Haus, GSD, USCA

Tim Cutter and Majka de Alphaville Bohemia, BMal, DVG

Natalia Balabanov and B'Aiko ot Vitosha, BMal, AWMA

Kelly Horgan and Johnboy Vikar, GSD, USCA

David Greene and Fritz vom Niederheider Hof, GSD, USCA

Ivan Balabanov and J'Ice ot Vitosha, BMal, AWMA, 1st alternate

Christopher Campell and Sirkus vom Donau-Ries, GSD, USCA, second alternate


EB Ballot 4-2018:  Ted Hartman team captain expenses for up to $2,200.


Motion passed


EB Ballot 3-2018:  To immediately provide the AWDF Championship host club with $3,000 of the contract amount of $4,000 for the championship.  The remaining $1,000 will be awarded at the end of the event.  Additional funding not to exceed $2,000 will be provided to the host club to cover the cost of the FCI rules seminar and additional costs for one of the three foreign judges contingent upon submitted receipts.


Motion passed.


EB Ballot 2-2018:  To adopt the following procedure for the AWDF Championship entries:


Entries must be made through the AWDF breed club that represents the breed of your dog or an AWDF sport club.  For example, German Shepherd dogs must be entered through USCA or a sport club, Rottweilers through USRC or a sport club, etc.  If there is no associated breed club for a dog, then entries may go through any member club.  Proof of membership in the relevant AWDF member club must be provided with he entry.  Entries must e validated by that club before being officially submitted. 


Motion passed.

We are excited to announce that our club, Hell’s Kitchen Schutzhund Club is hosting the 2018 AWDF Championship here in Northern California. Official dates of the event will be May 18-20.

Vacaville, CA is a great area, just an hour from San Francisco International Airport to the west and an hour from Sacramento Airport to the east.

Our club looks forward to putting on a top-notch event filled with an awesome draw night with catered food plus cash bar, big raffle prizes, an official event sponsor and much more! For those local and traveling, we have secured a clean, affordable dog friendly host hotel, practice tracking, and two large practice fields with full blinds and jumps. All within 15 minutes of each other.

Official tracking for the event will most likely be alfalfa, but could potentially change. We will keep everyone informed.

Official stadium is going to be at a local high school field with food concessions available each day.

Please see our Facebook page: Hell’s Kitchen Schutzhund Club for more details coming in the weeks to follow. There will be an event page made plus updated website link where competitor info and entries will be posted. As soon as judges are selected, we will announce them. Very soon we will announce the call for top national level helpers who want to be a part of this excellent event. Stay tuned!!

Questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.